Our tradition

In the pristine nature...

For six generations, Stojanović family has been developing traditional recipes and the process of natural meat drying and smoking on beech wood and fresh mountain air, in the pristine nature of village Mačkat on Zlatibor. The tradition of Zlatiborac dates back to 1885, when ancestors of the Stojanović family were one of the first people in Mačkat who began the tradition of salting, drying and smoking meat. The process of smoking and drying meat serves as a natural and very tasteful preservative. That is how the skill of making prosciuttos and other smoked and dried meat products was developed, and how Zlatibor and Mačkat became famous across the country and the region.
Tradition In 1992, Milomir Stojanović relied on his own resourcefulness, ancestral tradition and energetic enthusiasm of his heirs in order to establish a company that will share the secret of Mačkat tradition with a large number of delicacy fans around the world. Since then, careful preservation of quality and following global trends in the fields of production technology and environmental protection became a part of Zlatiborac’s tradition.

Today Zlatiborac LLC represents a dynamic, modern company whose mission is to preserve the taste of nature and the spirit of tradition

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