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Our journey lasts more than 135 years.

And for just as long we have been nurturing quality.

Zlatiborac - Our Quality

From the very beginning, quality is imperative for us.
We strive for it even when it means
taking a harder road.

From the best pieces of meat that will be selected for the production process, through careful salting, gentle smoking on beech wood smoke, to all the quality standards duly expected by the modern consumer that are going to be met, we are in search of perfection at each step. We have invested in education and development for decades, with the sole goal of achieving the best product quality.

By complying with the traditional recipe and using the latest equipment and technology in our business, we implement the highest quality standards, which have been approved by renowned international agencies for auditing, testing, and verification.

HACCP HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a food safety system based on the analysis and control of potential biological/microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards to which raw materials are exposed, as well as potential hazards during handling, production, distribution, and consumption of the final product. Since 2009, SGS has been certifying and verifying compliance with the requirements of this system.

IFS These highest standards of food safety and quality are based on the ability to verify the correctness and quality of the product at any given moment, from the primary producer to the end consumer. Zlatiborac has been operating in accordance with this standard for seven years, achieving a higher level of compliance with the standard's requirements. The latest recertification was carried out in September 2022 by the prestigious German certification body EUROFINS.

We have aligned our business with the specific requirements of the countries we export to and have become an approved exporter to the European Union (EU), the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and third countries.

Independent experts confirm quality

We are particularly pleased that our experts have had the opportunity to verify the quality of our products. Dr. Jasna Đinović, a doctor of chemical sciences, proves in her doctoral dissertation that none of the tested samples of our products exceeded the permissible amount of benzo[a]pyrene (toxic substances that can be formed during the smoking of food).

Numerous prestigious quality awards

Over 100 medals for top quality from the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair.
Over 100 medals at the Ham and Sausage Quality Competition of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), where more than 30,000 products from around the world compete.
For twelve consecutive years, "Zlatiborac" has won the "MY CHOICE" award, the consumer's award for their favorite brand.