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Our journey lasts more than 135 years.

And for all that time
we have not left nature.

Zlatiborac - Our Nature

Our Nature -
Worth Its Weight in Gold

As for us, we were born in the most beautiful place in the world, in our Zlatibor, where nature made sure to create all the ideal conditions for preparing exceptional meat specialties. We have been overwhelmingly gifted by nature with endless pastures, streams, clear rivers, numerous medicinal plants, vast pine forests, and noble winds.

Our products originate from Mačkat, from the slopes of Zlatibor, but they also have a touch of the warm Mediterranean, cold Carpathians, and Alpine peaks. The most beneficial air currents meet in our Mačkat and make it ideal for dry-curing meat.

Our Zlatibor is our nature and our greatest value. We claim that there is no "Zlatiborac" without Zlatibor, that magnificent and powerful mountain with a striking name. For us, Zlatibor means truly gold, as suggested by its name, and its nature is the greatest asset that we want to preserve for all future generations.

Our products originate from nature and gain the best quality from it. That's why it's no wonder that they often bring so much pleasure when socializing with nature - on trips, picnics, and excursions. We'll admit it, returning to nature makes us immensely happy.

We are proud of the nature we come from.