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Zlatiborac - Our team / Zlatiborac Team

We are "Zlatiborac"

Our company brings together over 650 hard-working people, of various professional profiles, who are ready to acquire and implement new knowledge with the aim of further development, all the while keeping in mind the satisfaction of our end user - the consumer.

We strive to motivate employees with our daily activities. We follow market trends and, in accordance with them, introduce recent updates to improve working conditions. The basis of our business is reflected in the tradition that we have preserved for centuries, not only with our widely known recipe, but also by carefully cultivating good interpersonal relations. We constantly endeavor to inspire employees to live together the value system on which our business is founded.

We are DIRECTED towards achieving goals.

We are RESPONSIBLE for the tasks we undertake.

We are CONSISTENT in our behavior and business.

We are powered by CREATIVITY.

INTEGRITY is important in our work.

And that's why our achievements are always ADVANCED, facing equally advanced CHALLENGES. That's why we are LEADERS.