Members of Cyclo Balkan team have come back from a 9 days expedition through Transfargasan-Transaplina-Romanian Banat- Iron Gates of the Danube and company Zlatiborac has been the proud friend of this unusual amazing adventure.
Cyclo Balkan started their journey through Carpathians, one of the most impressive roadways in the world. Transfagarașan is also famous as “Ceaușescu's Folly”, while Jeremmy Clarkson (the famous author of Top Gear show) named this road- the best road in the World.

The expedition started from Sibu, through Carpathians between the top peaks of this Mountain, raising up from 400 m up to 2202 meters above sea level. The road continued to Transalpina towards the West to Banat and the final destination was a magnificent ride through National Park of Danube- Iron Gates. The road took these brave guys through amazing wild nature, five national parks, several glacier lakes, numerous villages and rivers. Total trip was 800 km long with total ascent of 11 807m.