The German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) has awarded Zlatiborac the prize for perennial success in the evaluation of the quality of products at the awards ceremony held in Berlin.
Granting of this award requires that the products are submitted for testing for 5 consecutive years and that at least 3 awards are granted annually. If this is the case, company is awarded the “DLG award for long-standing product quality“award upon of the 5th year of company’s successful test participation. This special prize is awarded to producers who have achieved above-average success in the past five years in the competition. "Zlatiborac" is the first company in our region which achieved this prestigious mile stone.

In the past five years Zlatiborac has been awarded with 26 medals for top quality of its products at the annual "Ham and Sausage Quality Competition" organized by the DLG, where over 30,000 food products from all over the world compete in 17 categories. Every year products are tested in seventeen categories. Modern scientific methods are used during numerous tests and scores are based on the achieved test results. In addition to rigorous laboratory analysis and control of biochemical composition, testing includes the sensory and organoleptic tests conducted by eminent experts from all over the world. Continuous commitment to quality of products and continuous investments in technological processes that seek to meet important global standards in food technology have brought "Zlatiborac" this global recognition that clearly demonstrates that the traditional recipe of drying delicatessen is synonym for quality on the world market.