His Excellency, US Ambassador in Serbia, Mr. Michael Kirby visited yesterday Zlatiborac company and its production facilities in Mačkat. During the course of the visit, production capacities, as well as the unique traditional production process, for which Zlatiborac products are famous, were presented to Ambassador Kirby. In a conversation with Ambassador Kirby general manager of Zlatiborac Dušan Knežević spoke about the company, its business plans and prospects.

"I really appreciate what I saw here. I realize that it is a combination of old recipes and tradition with modern means of production. Although they use modern technology, some important things are still done by hand and they strongly insist on quality and increase of quantity at the same time. I saw new chambers and one 130 years old, so I’ve noticed that the technology in new ones and the old one was the same. You should be proud of this way of production, it is something that makes Serbia specific place. I am especially pleased to be here, where 400 young people are employed. I hope that Zlatiborac will conquer new markets, because it has a high quality of products that can be marketed "- said Kirby. Ambassador Kirby is not the first ambassador who has visited "Zlatiborac": Two years ago, Russian Ambassador Konuzin visited the company, whereas Ambassador of Japan visited Zlatiborac several times in the past few years.