Zlatiborac company has been awarded the Captain Misa Anastasijevic award at the official ceremony held in hotel Palisad on Zlatibor mountain organized by Media Invent agency, University of Novi Sad and University of Belgrade. This recognition, which is awarded to the most prominent companies, small and medium enterprises, brands, organizations and institutions, artists and individuals - for outstanding results in business, creativity and social responsibility, has been awarded to Zlatiborac as the most successful company from Zlatibor region.

The award, established in 2000, which consists of the Plaque and the Goldfinch, with the image of Captain Misa, was given in several categories to prominent enterprises, brands, individuals, economists and institutions, within the project „The Road to the Top“, which is jointly organized by Media Invent, University of Novi Sad and University of Belgrade. It bears the name of Captain Misa Anastasijevica - prominent entrepreneur, a humanist and a benefactor. Mihailo Misa Anastasijevic (Serbian: Миша Анастасијевић; February 24, 1803 – January 27, 1885) was the second richest man in Serbia in the 19th century, through his successful salt export from Wallachia and Moldavia and business partnership with the richest, Milos Obrenovic I, Prince of Serbia. He was the first public benefactor in Serbia and organizer of various balls for the Belgrade bourgeoisie.