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1885 Delicacy salami

1885 Zlatiborac

First category pork meat, completely cleansed from the connective tissue, with the addition of garlic and white pepper combined with the process of traditional drying creates the salami of the refined taste for true hedonists.

Sensory characteristics: On the cross sections stuffing has the form of the mosaic made out of approximately equal parts of red colored muscle tissue and thick whitish fatty tissue. Pieces of the fatty tissue are evenly distributed, consequently making salami easy to cut into thin slices, without any smears and stuffing falling out. There are no cracks or hollowness on the cuts. Casing is well adjacent to the stuffing. Products must be stored at +2 °C to +10 °C, in clean and dry places, in original packaging on pallets, protected from light and humidity.

Ingredients: first category pork meat, solid fat, salt, spices, sugar, antioxidant ascorbic acid, starter culture, sodium nitrite.


zlatiborac-package zlatiborac-package

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