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1885 Pork tenderloin

1885 Zlatiborac

First class, fat–free pork cuts, without spices, prepared for true gourmets and hedonists.

Sensory characteristics: this product has consistent shape, with neatly cut edges, and clean and dry surface. On the cross section, muscle tissue has light- red color, but the peripheral parts may be darker (brownish-red), while musculature permeated with fatty tissue is white colored. Product is well dried, elastic and not sinewy, so it is easy to cut into thin slices. Product has stable color in addition to the pleasant and exceptional aroma and taste that are distinctive for salted, dried and smoked pork meat. Products must be stored at +2 °C to +10 °C, in clean and dry places, in original packaging on pallets, protected from light and humidity.

Ingredients: first category pork meat (tenderloin), salt, sugar, sodium nitrite.


zlatiborac-package zlatiborac-package

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