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Piquant sausage


Well–known product, made out of high–quality meat, slightly spiced and seasoned with traditional Serbian spices with unique and specific taste of smoked meat, smoked and dried in the fresh Zlatibor air and beech wood.

Sensory characteristics: Sausage is made out of natural edible casings filled with stuffing. The surface of the sausage is not deformed and the casing is well adjacent to the filling. On the cross section of the sausage, filling is in the form of the mosaic made out of approximately equal parts of red colored muscle tissue and thick whitish adipose tissue. The structure of the stuffing is evenly distributed. There are no cracks or hollowness on the cross sections. Product has stable color in addition to the pleasant and exceptional aroma and taste. Products must be stored at +2 °C to +10 °C, in clean and dry places, in original packaging on pallets, protected from light and humidity.

Ingredients: pork meat, solid fat, salt, spices, sugar, antioxidant ascorbic acid, sodium nitrite, starter culture.


zlatiborac-package zlatiborac-package


Recipes with this product

The taste of the nature - The spirit of the tradition

recepti sa ovim proizvodom
Spicy red pasta with Zlatiborac piquant sausage

Fry finely chopped red onion and garlic on olive oil and add chopped peeled tomatoes. Add...

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recepti sa ovim proizvodom
Cheerful cornbread with Zlatiborac piquant sausage and Zlatiborac thin bacon

Cut Zlatiborac thin bacon and Zlatiborac piquant sausage into small pieces. Do the same wi...

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recepti sa ovim proizvodom
Grandpa’s stew with Zlatiborac piquant sausage

1. Heat the oil in a cauldron or a deep pot. Fry beef cut into cubes, whole peppers and ho...

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