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Thin bacon


Product with superior taste of lightly smoked best quality bacon, without skin and cartilage, that is characterized for alteration of meat and fat, and prepared by using a special traditional method of salting, smoking and drying in the fresh Zlatibor air and beech wood – method that is used for more than 130 years and it is unique for the most famous Serbian air resort – Zlatibor Mountain.

Sensory characteristics: This product has consistent shape and it is made out of skinless side pork. With neatly carved edges and free of slits this product has clean and dry surface, plus solid and elastic, but not sinewy structure that is very easy to cut. It has stable color; fat tissue is white colored on the cross section and light yellow on the surface, while meat parts are evenly red, giving this product a very pleasant and distinct aroma and taste which is distinctive for this type of bacon. Products must be stored at +2 °C to +10 °C, in clean and dry places, in original packaging on pallets, protected from light and humidity.

Ingredients: pork fat and muscle tissue, spices, salt, sodium nitrite.


zlatiborac-package zlatiborac-package


zlatiborac-package zlatiborac-package


zlatiborac-package zlatiborac-package

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Recipes with this product

The taste of the nature - The spirit of the tradition

recepti sa ovim proizvodom
Salad with Zlatiborac thin bacon and beetroot

Fry Zlatiborac thin bacon on both sides in a skillet; remove it and leave it aside to drai...

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recepti sa ovim proizvodom
Stewed Ratatouille with Zlatiborac smoked dry beef sausage and Zlatiborac bacon

Boil the water. Separate egg whites and salt them. Put some water in a ladle, pour egg whi...

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recepti sa ovim proizvodom
Smoked turkey breast with Zlatiborac thin bacon

Cover the bottom of the pot and a few centimeters of the sides with tin foil, then perfora...

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