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Taste of nature - Spirit of tradition

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Surrounded by the wealth of nature…

As a leading company in our region in the field of dry meat production, Zlatiborac relies on a long tradition of the Stojanović family and the unique natural conditions of our village Mačkat, situated on the Zlatibor Mountain. Our top-quality products are still prepared using traditional methods that combine modern manufacturing processes with sophisticated recipes of our ancestors. Our products are dried and smoked naturally, on the purest mountain air where winds from three continents meet – providing our superior, inimitable taste. And it has been like this since 1885!


The taste of the nature - The spirit of the tradition

Our products of the highest quality are based on traditional recipes used for natural meat drying and smoking, which have been essential part of the mountain lifestyle since the old times. Even today, our products are being dried exclusively on dry beech wood. Despite the rich heritage and family experience, we remain a dynamic company that learns on each and every step of the way, invests in research and development and innovates its manufacturing processes in accordance with the highest international quality standards. Commitment to such a way of working secured our leading position on the domestic market when it comes to dry meat delicacies.


Single goal – to achieve perfection

The unique climate of our geographical region and recipes that have been improved for centuries contribute to the distinctive taste of our products, which have been satisfying our customers’ needs for years, both locally and internationally. Responsibility toward heritage, tradition and local community motivates us to continuously explore new technologies and to improve our products in accordance with the highest standards, so that a greater number of gourmets around the world could experience the authentic and inimitable flavor and aroma of smoked meat from Zlatibor.


The secret that you need to taste

Our tradition dates back to 1885, when ancestors of the Stojanović family begun researching natural recipes for salting, drying and smoking of meat. This method of product preparation has not changed for over a century, while the entire production still takes place in the village of Mačkat on Zlatibor mountain. We are the only company that managed to elevate this type of production to an industrial level, while preserving original preparation methods on the purest mountain air, respecting all hygiene and environmental protection standards and continuously investing in quality development.


We are sharing the natural treasures of Zlatibor with you

Do you need a more powerful inspiration then the vast mountain slopes of Zlatibor, or the wind rose of purest air created by winds arriving from the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains? We are surrounded by the unique natural resources that we would like to share with you. Air, water and fire have been our companions on our long journey towards the perfect products whose unforgettable flavor will be adored by anyone who can appreciate moments of true gourmet pleasure – woven out of spirit of the tradition, superior quality and the taste of the nature. Slot Gacor 2023 Link Slot Gacor Slot Dana Slot Dana Slot Gacor Slot Gopay slot dana Slot Kamboja slot pg soft gacor slot ovo slot amerika slot dana 5000 slot gacor Akun Pro Thailand Slot Gacor Slot 303 Slot Pragmatic Gacor Toto Slot
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